Assignment 3: Create an abstract composition

Wade Guyton

Create a single abstract shape — a shape that does not need to represent something real (a concrete object). Your shape should be one single HTML element (a div) with a single class of CSS properties. Upload your HTML to the site and insert it into a post as an iframe and categorize that post in the “3A: Abstract shapes” category. Add a link to the HTML file so it’s easy to download. Take no more than 20 minutes to make your shape.

After your shape is uploaded, choose two shapes from the class set and create a unified composition. By unified, your elements may touch, overlap or more generally form an aesthetic connection with each other. Your intention is to make one form from your two shapes. How can you create the same tension, dynamism and joy that the printed examples above demonstrate? How does the canvas of the screen house your work? You will likely need to adjust the CSS properties to create a unified composition. Make more than one if you like.

Take a screen capture of your finished composition and upload to the website with a link to your HTML file. Categorize the post as 3B: Abstract Compositions

Sample code

CSS Properties from class

Code examples from class

Sample properties


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